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The Kansas City Keys 14th Annual Tournament has been the Best Basketball in the Midwest for over 14 years due to the great match-ups (“Da teams”), drive for better competition (Excellence), and the players (“Da players”) that have competed in this event.

For it’s the players that have made this event great including: Dominique Johnson - UMKC, Mike Conley – Ohio State University, Greg Odom – Ohio State University, Isaac Miles – Creighton University, Nick Wise – University of Arizona, Sheldon Williams – Duke , Brandon Rush – KU, Da Rush Brothers, Marcus Walker – Indian Hills Juco, BJ Valentine - Texas Tech, DJ Hord – Notre Dame, Tanisha Smith – University of Arkansas, Danielle Adams – Signee University of Missouri, Clint Stewart – Kansas State, Darrell Arthur – KU, Casey Crawford – Wake Forest, Quinton Day, Tim Blackwell, Mike Watson – UMKC and hundreds of talented others

Here are some of the Boys 13-14 & Under teams that we will showcase – (We will follow-up with other boys and girls divisions next week!)

Houston Hoops – One of the most consistent teams in the tournament for 4 years!! This team won the 13 & Under Kingwood Classic in 2006!

Jamal Branch – 6’1” – Kansas City’s own coming to test his skills back home and compete in the tournament he has dominated since he was a child. The smooth, athletic, heady, explosive feet, outstanding rebounder, and excellent finisher is coming home to play in front of all the many loved ones, including his first opportunity to meet up against his old team mates and friends, the Kansas City Bruins (“Tarheels”)! He has been an MVP wherever he plays, but you would not know it because he has the greatest attitude a kid could have and as respectful as scripted. Jamal has been ranked since he was 10 years old and is currently #5 on the Buckeye Report!

Alex Cooper – 6’6” – Native Bahamian – Anybody heard of Tim Duncan? This kid maybe the class of the tournament! He is well rounded and can play all 5 positions! What can’t he do!?! He is new to the circuit and the team so (shhhh…..) nobody knows about him yet! He is a kid with great understanding but please bring a birth certificate and the doctor that delivered him .. cause nobody believes that this kid can be so young, so big, and so good at the same time!!!!

Dallas Mustangs – Newly formed team under the coach of coaches – Tony Johnson – National Champion AAU 14s and 15s – Byron Eaton - Oklahoma State, Shawn Williams -Boston College, Chris Lewis - University of San Diego, Wesley Johnson – Iowa State, Derrick Rowland & Donald Sloan – Texas A&M

Lebryan Nash – 6’7” – Athletic, Can play all 5 positions with a Division I - Body in the 8th Grade!! The kid is 14 years old – Unbelievable (It’s a Must See – It’s a little early but you heard it hear first….. The Kid is a Pro!) He can put it on the floor, shoot the 3, Post you Up!! Dunk in your face!!!! The #1 Ranked kid in Hoop Scoop!

Keyan Anderson – 5’10” – Smooth as shut your mouth! Quick as heck! Defensive gem! He can guard – the country with one arm tied behind his back and the enemy at the gate!

Team Texas 2012:

Clark Francis's "Hoop Scoop" ranking service has 7 of the Team Texas 2012 players ranked out of 300 kids.

#13-Ricky Roberts, Arlington, TX
#41-Chris Campbell, San Antonio, TX
#45-B.J. Jenkins, Grand Prairie, TX
#102-Claud Person, Red Oak, TX
#146-Phil Forte, Flower Mound, TX
#162-Marcus Smart, Lancaster, TX
#205-Jelon Hornbeak, Arlington, TX

Team Texas 2012 has been Nationally ranked since 2004. Two time defending KC Keys Best Invitational Champion of the 2012 class since 2005. Past AAU National Accomplishments: 2006 made Elite 8 before placing 14th. 2005-Made Elite 8 and placed 5th. 2004-Elite 8 and placed 11th. 2003-Final 4 and placed 3rd. 4 Time defending SWAAU Regional Champions.

Per Tony Johnson - Claude may be the best player on the team, because he can do it all at the point. Look for more to come! © hfj

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