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Holiday tournament teams – Once again thanks for your participation. The Best tournament in the Midwest will be much larger than the Holiday event. You still have time to register for this event. We are giving each participant $50 off the tournament entry cost for participation. Teams signed up so far for the February tournament include:          

  • 2nd Grade – KC Keys, SW Missouri Hawks, Wichita Players and other local teams
  • 3rd Grade – Arkansas Hawks, Wichita Heat, St. Joseph Hoyas – Two Five Footers, and some local teams
  • 4th Grade – Springfield Rockets, St. Louis MD Swoosh, St. Louis Explosion, Wichita Players
  • 5th Grade – Minneapolis Hustlers, Team St. Louis, St. Joseph Ballers, SWMO Hawks, StL, Magic, Texas Hustlers, and host of local teams, - No more than 16 teams allowed!
  • 6th Grade – Spfld Rockets, StL Warriors, Minneapolis Hustlers, SW Illinois Jets, Texas Storm, Texas Hornets, KC Keys, KC Cowboys and other local teams – No more than 16 teams allowed!
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