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2nd Grade Boys Division

lil ballers shot callers

Roman Young & Aaron Nicholson

The 2nd grade boys division was very interesting. It featured two players that caught everyone's attention. They were both on the same team that eventually won the championship. I'm talking about Roman Young and Aaron Nicholson. These two guys played some serious hoops and represented the Wichita program to the fullest. Don't miss the video clips of these two cats doing their thing. I think I caught Danny Manning scouting them for the Jayhawks (just kidding)...{CLICK THE TITLE FOR THE REST OF THE STORY]

3rd Grade Division


3rd Grade Runner Ups

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The 3rd grade divison featured some teams that were very good. Several games came down to the wire. Interesting enough, the Wichita Pray and Play Players 2nd grade team was making some noise in this division as well. They got some big wins including an overtime victory over the KC Sonics and went undefeated in pool play. They opened up the tournament round against the Lawrence Hoopsters, but had to leave to play their championship game in the second grade division. I am missing the scores for the 3rd grade division, but the champs were the BVNW Wolves (I think their jerseys said Mustangs). The Lawrence Hoopsters were the runner's up. *Video and Pic's coming soon

1st Place BBI 12 3rd Grade

BVNW Wolves 1st Place - 3rd Grade

4th Grade Division
The 4th grade division had 9 teams hailing from Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. The St. Louis Warriors, the Sport2Sport Jayhawks and the Overland Park Eclipse won their pools and headed into the tournament rounds as the favorites. The two teams that made it to the championship game were very familiar with each other since they came from the same pool.

The Springfield Rockets advanced to the championship with a final four win over the Kansas City Keys 39-35. This was an exciting game and it's a shame someone had to lose. It was a great comeback by the Rockets who displayed some excellent three point shooting to steal the victory.

The St Louis Warriors advanced by taking out the Tulsa Bulldogs in a tough game. The Warriors won 42-36. This was a heck of a game also.

So the stage was set for the St. Louis Warriors and the Springfield Rockets to play again for the championship. In pool play the Warriors beat the Rockets by 8 points. In the championship game it was even closer, with the Rockets coming out on top 44-42. Oh how sweet it is to get some payback in the game that matters the most...The CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Congratulations to the Rockets on being the 12th annual BBI 4th Grade Champions! [pictures coming soon]

5th Grade Division

5th Grade 2nd Place BBI 12

2nd Place 5th Grade

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The 2005 Best Basketball Invitational 5th grade division was loaded. This division featured 15 teams from four states. The final four teams were: Team Texas, Sport2Sport Jayhawks, Wichita Pray and Play and the St. Louis Gameface Blazers.

Team Texas took on the Sport2Sport Jayhawks and destroyed them 45-19 to advance to the title game. In the other final Wichita Pray and Play did battle against the STL Gameface Blazers. This one came down to the wire with the Blazers holding on for a 41-38 victory.

In the championship game Team Texas continued its dominance by beating the Blazers handily 65-34. The dominance of the Texas team had fans doubting if they were legit 5th graders. According to documentation submitted they were indeed 5th graders, very good 5th graders. Ricky Roberts led Team Texas with 20 points and his teammate Xavier Harberts hit the Blazers up for 18 points. Alex Henry led the Blazers with 13 points. The Blazers were runner-ups last year also. Congratulations to the Team Texas 1012's - Best Basketball Invitational Champions - 5th Grade Division.

5th grade champs bbi 12

Team Texas 1012 - BBI 5th Grade Champs

6th Grade Division

6th Grade 2nd Place

2nd Place - KC Tarheels

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The 6th grade division of the 12th Annual Best Basketball Invitational had 15 teams that would be vying for the right to be called tournament champion. The teams were from from Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

This age group included a ton of fans for each team. The final four included the KC Tarheels, the Wichita T'Wolves, Team Texas Red and the Springfield Panthers.

To advance to the championship game the KC Tarheels had to defeat the Wichita T'Wolves. The Tarheels accomplished that 51-26 and awaited the winner of the Team Texas Red and Springfield Central Panthers. Like the Tarheels, Team Texas Red won their game easily 55-33. The stage was set for the rematch between Team Texas Red and the Tarheels.

The gym was packed out to see these young fellas do their thing. Team Texas opened up a quick lead and never looked back as they ended up beating the Tarheels 54-41. It was sweet revenge for Team Texas because the KC Tarheels had beaten both of the Stars teams. They beat the Red team in pool play and then the white team in bracket play. It's tough to beat a team twice in a tournament, especially when the first game was tough. Team Texas Red was led by Wesley Davis with 16 points and Marcus Hutchins chipped in with 13 points. The KC Tarheels were led by Jeron with 11 points. Congratulations to the TEAM TEXAS RED STARS - 12th Annual BBI Champs!

6th grade champs 12BBI

6th Grade Champs - TEAM TEXAS RED

Friday, February 25
6th Grade Division II


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The 6th grade Division II featured 6 teams, with all the teams coming from states of Missouri and Kansas. The final four teams left after intense pool play were STL Gameface, Brush Creek Hoyas, Sport2Sport Jayhawks and the STL Five O.

The STL Gameface took care of the Brush Greek Hoyas to advance to the title game to take on the STL Five-O. This game was close and throughout. The Gameface squad was leading most of the game and even got their lead up to 10 points. With about 7 minutes to go in the game the FIVE-0 tied the game, but the Gameface answered with a nice turnaround jumpshot. Late in the game with less than a minute to go the Five-O took the lead for the first time 50-48. They added a free throw to make the final 51-48. It was a great game. Charles Wilson led the FIVE-O squad with 19 points. Wilson also netted 23 points in the game against Brush Creek. This young baller told me he has plans to attend Cardinal Ritter High school and play basketball there. Be on the lookout for him! Congratulations to Five-0, 12th Annual BBI Champs.



11-Under Girls Division


2nd Place - MO Valley Eclipse

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The 2005 Best Basketball Invitational 11-Under division featured teams from Kansas City, St. Louis, St. Joseph and Ponca City. The final four teams included the KC Thundercats, the STJ Griffs, the Mo Valley Eclipse and the STL Hoops. The KC Thundercats and the MO Valley Eclipse would win to advance to the championship game.

KC Thundercats vs. MO Valley Eclipse (11-Under)Championship
"I was worried in the beginning because they had the lead, said McKencie Kellogg(#34),player for Cats. That lead was short-lived, and by the half the Thundercats were in the lead 12-11. In the second half, both teams fought hard to score, but the Cats slowly inched away. At one point the Eclipse began to catch up, but Tyonna Snow (#21) was not having it. This young lady took action and made her presence known to all on the court. "I thought it was going to be a tough game, but we came out good," said Snow, Cats player.

When it was all said and done, the Thundercats pulled out the victory over the tough lady Eclipse. The fan support for both teams was great. "I felt really good that we won, because we were only ranked 2nd in Missouri," said Acia Washington. Even though the Eclipse did not win they had a good game and were able to realize their mistakes. "I felt confident, almost to confident , said Emiah Bingley(#03) for the Eclipse, "I could have improved by concentrating a bit more on my shots."

Top scorer for the Eclipse was Marissa Ellis (#22), and for the Thundercats, Snow (#21).



13-Under Division L


2nd Place - Midwest Stunna's

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The 13-Under Division L girls featured 5 teams, the Midwest Stunners, the MO Valley Eclipse, the MO Valley Cats, the Blue Valley Crunch and the St. Louis Crusaders. Through pool play and bracket play, it was determined that the Midwest Stunners and the MO Valley Cats would face off for the championship. This would be a tough one for the Stunners, since they lost to the Cats by 19 in pool play.

Midwest Stunners vs. MO Valley Cats - CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
This game was very fast paced with Jocelyn Price (#23) leading the way for the Valley Cats and Robneisha Wood (#15) for the Stunners. Although both teams played well in the first half, the Stunners just couldn't get their shots in the net the last few minutes. At the sound of the buzzer the Valley Cats were up 24-20.

The MO Valley Cats clung to their lead and added a point, winning the championship 50-45. It was a very intense game and both teams put it all on the line. Their were lots of fouls called, and quite a few that were not."We just wanted to win the championship," said Stunners ballplayers.

Top scorer for the Stunners was Phylicia Thomas (#44) and for the Valley Cats, Jocelyn Price (#23).


12th Annual BBI Champs - MO Valley Cats

13-Under Girls Division P


2nd Place - Lawrence Flames

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This bracket featured teams from St. Louis, Kansas City and Lawrence. Pool play and a play in game determined which teams would battle for the championship. After all that was done it was determined that the 2005 Best Basketball Invitational 13-Under girls Division P champion would either be the Lawrence Flames or the St. Louis Sparks.

Lawrence Flames vs. St. Louis Sparks - Championship Game
This game was very close throughout. Both teams had many steals and plenty of attitude. By the end of the first half the Flames were only down by six, 18-24.

In the second half the anger was let loose and as Tracie Weege (#05) went for the lay-up and Kalia Lahai-Pumagoi(#02) came to block the ball and ended up slamming down Weege. "I just got ticked off," said Lahia- Pumagoi. It was nip and tuck all the way. The St. Louis Sparks took the victory over the Flames, 48-45. This game was very much worthy of being called a championship.
Top scorer for the Lawrence Flames was Ashli Hill (#25). "I just wanted to beat them, because they had so much attitude," said Hill.

Top scorer for the Sparks was Nikki Davis(#01) with 18 points. "We just played good defense, and good defense and free throws win games," said Davis.

Thanks to all the teams for some great games. Congratulations to all the winners!

stl sparks

2005 BBI Champs - STL SPARKS

Sunday, February 20
Saturday's Action @ the BBI


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The Kansas City Keys 12th Annual Tournament was going down in gyms across the metro. We managed to get around to a few sites and take some pictures, shoot some video. Stay tuned for more.

Here’s a peek at how things shook out at the LINCOLN HIGH site - Home of the mighty 4th Grade Division.

BBI Action @ the Boys And Girls Club - SATURDAY


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The Boys & Girls Club had some very good games on Saturday. Most of the action was between sixth graders, second graders and third graders. A couple of the second graders were very good and we will get up close and personal with them later...[click title for more]

12-Under Girls Divison

wichita jazz

2nd Place - Wichita Jazz

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The 12-Under Girls featured 7 teams this year. Teams were from St. Louis, Kansas City, Wichita, Topeka and Ponca City.

The final four for the 12-Under Girls were the Wicita Jazz, St. Louis Sparks, Midwest Stunners and the KC Thundercats. The Jazz beat the St. Louis Sparks again (they beat them 35-30 in pool play) 44-26 to advance to the "ship", while the winless in pool play KC Thundercats put a hurting on the Midwest Stunners 46-25 to get their ticket to the championship game. The stage was set for a rematch between the Jazz and the KC Thundercats.

Championship Game
The Thundercats came out aggressive, as did the Jazz. But, the Thundercats clung to their early lead. Even though the Jazz had a hard time with the Thundercats on defense, when they got the ball they showed great teamwork. At the half the Thundercats were only up by six, 18-12.
In the second half the Thundercats took it up a level and started putting more shots through the net. Although, when they made mistakes #12 for the Jazz, Taylor Tilson, was there for the rebound. In the end both teams played well, but the Thundercats claimed 1st place with a 32-19 victory. After the game, the ladies (Thundercats) were all smiles. "We were excited and tired during the game. We just wanted to win, said Thundercats ballplayers, "We could have had less turnovers, more rebounds, and boxed out more." Top scorers for the Cats were Jamesia Price(#11) and Ce-Ce Burns (#34), both with 12 pts. The top scorer for the Jazz was Krystie Ehm (#35) with 9 pts.


12th Annual BBI Tournament Champs - KC THUNDERCATS






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