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3rd Annual Rock City Classic 2010 (pdf)
Obana Health & Wellness Combine
Jefferson City Community College Girls Basketball Team
Rams Fall Short
Wichita Pray and Play Champs
January 2009 Newsletter
January 2010 Newsletter


Willard Headed to S&T

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Darryn Craig Special Role in Daylen’s  Robinson Life

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KC Keys Place at Eagles Hoops Classic

December 2010 Eagles Hoops Classic

7th Grade Boys Division I: KC Keys - 2nd Place

Hall of Fame Inductee Damon Weaver

L to R: Coach James Couch, Damon Weaver, 2010 Penn Valley Hall of Fame Inductee, and Harrel Johnson KC Keys President

Damon Weaver, former Kansas City Keys player and coach was inducted into the Penn Valley Junior College Hall of Fame for 2010. Damon is the all time leading assist leader per game and for his 2-year career. In one season he set the mark for total assists at 372 in 1988-1989. That same season he averaged 11 assists per game. In his freshmen season 1987-1988 he totaled 258 assists at an average 8 assists per game. He has the total number of assists for a career Scout of 630 assists. He played for the Penn Valley Scouts from 1987-1989 and coached there from 1992 through 1994.

Damon played for the Keys (“Formerly: Key Coalition”) from 1979 to 1983. As a twelve year old he played on the 12s, 13s, and 14s for the Keys team. Damon is thankful for the opportunity Founder Harrel Johnson, Sr gave him to play. He believes this made the difference in his development and growth.

Damon played for the Central Blue Eagles from 1984-1987. Damon has coached for the Keys from 1999-2003. He currently coaches high school and middle school youth in various programs throughout Metropolitan Kansas City. He understands the importance of giving back and is a living testament to his commitment to today’s youth. Damon is also the proud grandson of community leader Alvin Brooks.

NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Recruiting

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3rd Annual Rock City Classic 2010 Championship

Booklet (pdf)

Where Are They Now?

The Kansas City Keys 12 and Under Champs from AAU National 1999

Bryce Morris graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in business and is working on his Master’s Degree. DJ Hord graduated from Notre Dame and finished his football career at Northern Iowa. DJ Hord is to enter the NFL combine this spring and hopes to be drafted.

DJ Hord vs Bryce Morris

DJ Hord
Northern Iowa University

DJ Hord vs Bryce Morris or Northern Iowa vs Southern Illionis on October 17, 2009

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