Career Fair Overview

The visit I took to the Overland Park Convention center was a great experience. I was able to see how companies take steps to branch out and find other places to sell their product in order to find new customers. I felt that this was a great way to expand a company. The creative show booths grabbed my attention and allowed me to take interest in industries that I had never heard of or thought about pursuing before.

I also liked the variety of different companies at the fair. The Overland Park Convention center reached out to many different kinds of companies and didn’t focus on a certain industry to display. One specific company that I took an interest in was the Cleveland Chiropractic College. Their booth caught my attention and they really did a great job of interacting with me and selling their services. I have since visited the Cleveland Chiropractic College and I am considering a career in the field. I look forward to more events like this, so that I may get a better idea of services that I may need now or careers that I want to pursue later.